Marri AHF30+ Honey

Who are we?

The Super Honey Co. is a 100% Australian owned company. We are passionate about sharing the purest active honey from Western Australia with the world. Our company specialises in making these luxurious, highly bio-active honey products for people who like to eat honey for their pleasure, health and well-being.

Essential elements combine to bring you this premium bio-active honey:

  1. Isolated location protects our flower blossums from polution such as pesticides & industrial waists
  2. Very strong Government enforced bio-security protecting Western Australian honey industry
  3. Unique blossoms of the Marri, Blackbutt, Jarrah & Karri trees
  4. Healthy bee populations with the Queen Bees from remote Rottnest Island Government breeding facility

Our honey is a rare superfood in limited supply, and is known for its supreme health, beauty and general wellbeing benefits.

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  • In all steps of the process, from our certification to values of authenticity & luxury, The Super Honey Co. brings you honey you can trust.

    Peter Howman, Director

Primary Elements

The Source

Wild Forests of Western Australia

Western Australia has wild forests that are among some of the most pristine on earth. These unique ecosystems are free from contaminates such as pesticides, fertilisers and pollution, often present in other environments. This natural purity makes our honey superior and rare.

Our single origin honey is released in limited edition batches and is tested & certified by independent 3rd party government laboratories. Certification for your jar of honey can be found by typing the batch number on the jar into our database.

Because our honey is not heat-treated or exposed to ultrafiltration, it retains all active properties and beneficial nutrients like pollen, enzymes, antioxidants and natural flavours of the region.

Our active honeys can be used to treat wounds, burns and skin infections. They have been scientifically researched and proven to have a high percentage of activity level due to there high Phenol levels, making them an excellent choice for dressing golden staphylococcus infections, E.coli and Candida, and ulcerated wounds. Our honeys are high fructose and low glucose content honey. High fructose species honeys have a low Glycemic Index*(GI) making them the preferred sweetener for diabetics.

The Marri Tree - Corymbia calophylla

White, Pink, and Yellow Blossoms

Our luxurious active honey comes from the white, pink and yellow blossoms of the indigenous medicine tree, known as Marri or the Indigenous Nyoongar word for blood. The Marri tree was known for thousands of years to have ancient healing properties. Our Marri honey is a highly bio-active honey, high in anti-oxidants and exhibits significant prebiotic properties. Honey from the Marri tree has proven higher activity levels than honey from other trees. Read more about active honey.

The Karri Tree - Eucaplyptus diversicolor

Creamy White Red Blossoms Hanging in Clusters

Our certified Organic Karri honey is sourced from the Karri tree (Eucalyptus Diversicolor) in the Southwest forests of Western Australia. Karri trees (the second tallest tree in the world) only flowers every 7 to 10 years, making it one of the rarest honeys on earth. Qualities are similar to Marri but lighter in colour, Karri honey has a certified activity rating of AHF 30+ and is extremely high in antibacterial, antifungal, anti-oxidnts and antimicrobial properties

The Jarrah Tree - Eucalyptus marginata

White Blossoms Hanging in Clusters

Our certified active 20+ Jarrah honey is sourced from the Jarrah Tree (Eucalyptus Marginata) in the Southwest forests of Western Australia. Jarrah trees generally flower only every two years, making it a limited suppy bi-annual crop. Jarrah honey has one of the highest antioxidant levels in the world.

Our Bees

Pure and Gentle

Our active honey begins its journey on Rottnest Island, a protected nature reserve in the Southern Indian Ocean free from exotic diseases and undesirable pests. Here, our pure Queen Bees are bred in a government bee hatchery. Our bee colonies then use the nectar from the forest blossoms to make natural, unprocessed, pure bio- active honey. We care about our bees and because of their gentle nature they are less likely to sting; this means our apiaries use less smoke when harvesting honey.


  • Our super honey is an antioxidant-rich superfood which may lower the risk of developing deseases and even stall the aging process.

    Peter Howman, Director


Benefits of our honey

Special medicinal properties

Honey has been known for thousands of years to have special medicinal properties. Many ancient civilisations including the ancient Greek, Chinese and Egyptian cultures recognised honey for its healing properties. Honey was used for treating wounds, burns & infections. Honey has also been used to increase longevity, beauty and to aid sleep and digestion. In some traditions, honey is even known as ‘The Fountain of Youth’.

Active honey has been used in western medicine and alternative therapies to treat wounds, ulcers and skin conditions. Some people report better sleep, improved digestion and overall feelings of wellbeing when including active honey in their health and beauty rituals.

Superior Honey

Why is our honey superior?

Highest level of activity

The botanical origin of honey determines its content. Modern research suggests the unique floral kingdom of Australia produces among the highest level of activity in honey in the world, higher than that of the Mediterranean region.

In Western Australia, our trees and bees thrive in a bio-secure area free from pollutants and pests. This guarantees a purity not found elsewhere. Our Marri & Jarrah honeys contain all the powerful properties that active honey is famous for.

Supported by science

Scientifically proven active honey

Active honey is scientifically proven to have specific differences to other honey. Activity relates to the presence of a naturally-occurring mild hydrogen peroxide that is produced in honey by the enzyme glucose oxidase. This has known antiseptic qualities. Honey is rich in flavonoids, which act as natural antioxidants. These are among the many proven attributes of active honey.

Multiple Uses

How to use active honey

Pure and Gentle

Our honey can be consumed or applied directly to the skin. With daily use it can facilitate feelings of greater health, beauty and wellbeing.

As a food
Active honey is a potent superfood. It can be eaten as a health tonic, one spoonful per day. Alternatively, blend into smoothies, drizzle over breakfast or desserts.

In tea
Add to your favourite tea or hot drink to receive all the soothing, healthy benefits.

On the skin
Apply to minor skin irritations, redness or dry skin on the body. Our honey makes an excellent beauty mask when applied to the face and lips.


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